Spring 2014 News

March 28, 2014

"Donʻt Deport Our Daddies"


Our own Professor Monisha Das Gupta wrote an article thats being featured on the Gender & Society blog. Check it out!


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March 21, 2014

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Roderick Labrador!


Congratulations to Dr. Roderick Labrador on being chosen as a 2014 recipient of a Chancellorʻs Citation for Meritorious Teaching Award! This award recognizes faculty members who have made significant contributions in teaching and student learning.


Dr. Rod Labrador is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies. In the classroom, he encourages critical thinking and consciousness so students see themselves as active agents in shaping and changing the world. He often asks his students to connect their personal experiences to larger historical, political, and economic conditions and to critique societal inequalities and the structures and discourses of power while being active and engaged in their communities. Dr. Labrador seeks to expose students to the dynamic world around them and to open productive spaces for understanding the diverse and changing racial and ethnic landscapes while encouraging them to apply what they learn in the classroom to their social and cultural worlds outside of campus.


Check out what examiner.com has to say about Dr. Rod:



Februrary 28, 2014

New research partnership strives “To Uplift the Mana and Aspirations of Indigenous Peoples”


Academic units at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa have entered into an international indigenous research partnership with the University of Auckland and Massey University in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Their goal is to connect scholars who are interested in multidisciplinary and collaborative community-based research in the Pacific.


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January 29, 2014

Call For Papers
Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Colloquium


The Department of Ethnic Studies is hosting an undergraduate colloquium asking students from across the University system to share research on the intersections in between ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, and class. Previous colloquia topics have ranged from the consequences of ethnic humor, to the expressons of identity through spoken word poetry. This year, the Ethnic Studies Student Association will call for similar papers, but will ask students to explore intersectional discrimination. While the paper can be on any topic, we want to hear how identity categories such as gender, class, and sexuality overlap with ethnicity and race to form unique social experiences. We will ask students to explore how such marginalizations might be ameliorated.


To participate in the program, you must submit a hardcopy of a completed paper from a previous social sciences or humanities course to George Hall 301 or by email to recampus@hawaii.edu by February 28, 2014.

**Presenters will recieve a gift card.


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January 10, 2014

New Spring 2014 ES Courses


Listed below are the new Ethnic Studies courses being offered this semester. Sign up to be the first to experience these courses!


ES 375 - Issues of Diversity in Higher Education (CRN 88242)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Instructors: Dr. Patricia Masters and Dr. Anna Ah Sam


This course examines issues of diversity within higher education. The course will examine different dimensions of diversity including ethnicity, gender, national origin, age and sexual orientation. The course will utilize national and local case studies.


ES 397 - Multiethnic Popular Culture: Hip Hop (CRN 88930)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Instructor: Dr. Masahide Kato


Historic, social, cultural and political aspects of the formation and development of Hip Hop culture in Hawai'i and other Pacific islands. Special attention is paid to the significance of Hip Hop in facilitating cultural interactions. This course has a HAP focus designation.


ES 492 - Politics of Multiculturalism (CRN 88930)

Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Instructor: Dr. Brian Chung


The development of ethnic relations and political approaches to multiculturalism in two multiethnic nations: Canada and the U.S. This course is cross-listed with SOC 492 and has an E focus designation.



January 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Extension Courses


Listed below are a few of the extension courses being offered during the Sping 2014 extension term.


ES 333 - Filipinos in Hawai'i

ES 338 - American Indian Experience

ES 381 - Social Movements in Hawai'i

ES 410 - Race, Class and the Law


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